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Frequently Asked Lease Questions…

Can I use my current car as trade-in on a new lease?

If your current vehicle is paid for, you can use it as a trade-in when getting into a new lease. Gorno specializes in giving fair-trade value on your trade-in. If you still owe on your car, we advise you get the payoff amount to determine if you have “trade equity” or if you are “upside down” on your previous vehicle.

What is the difference between a down payment and amount due at signing?

This is often a cause for misunderstanding. At Gorno Ford we like to make the buying process as easy as possible. The amount “due at signing” may include taxes, official fees, deposit, first month’s payment, or down payment. A “down payment” is the amount paid up front that generally reduces the monthly payment amount.

What parts of a lease are negotiable?

When leasing a vehicle there are many factors to consider. What national or local rebates or incentives. At Gorno Ford we can ensure that each customer receives the best possible price guaranteed. We want to work with you and get you in the New 2015 Ford of your dreams. Check out our current lease specials.